Day 1 – 24th Oct, 2018

TimeTopicPresent by
09:00-09:20Peering Asia 2.0 OpeningAlice Ng (HKNOG)
09:20-09:45Security in PeeringTom Paseka (Cloudflare)
09:45-09:55RPKI for PeeringChe-Hoo Cheng (APNIC)
09:55-10:20Journey stepping toward the Peering World and Cloud GatewayMike Ng (SUNeVision)
10:20-11:00Peering PersonalsToyama Katsuyasu (APIX)
11:00-11:30Coffee BreakChief Telecom
11:30-12:30Peering Meeting
12:30-14:00LunchCisco and Macroview Telecom
14:00-16:00Peering Meeting
16:00-16:30Coffee BreakAkamai Technologies
16:30-17:00Peering Meeting
17:15, 17:20
17:30, 17:35
Departure time of bus at B2 floor pick up area in Cordis Hotel to the Social Event
18:00-20:00Social Event (Paper Moon)Equinix

Day 2 – 25th Oct, 2018

TimeTopicPresent by
09:00-10:30Peering Meeting
10:30-11:00Coffee BreakTeraco
11:00-12:30Peering Meeting
14:00-14:30Peering Meeting
14:30-15:00Coffee BreakHGC Global Communications
15:00-15:30A Bird's Eye View of Malaysia's InternetPaul Ooi (MyNOG)
15:30-16:00Deploying a Disaggregated Model for LINX’s LON2 NetworkKurtis Lindqvist (LINX)
16:00-16:15IXPDBWill Hargrave (LONAP)
16:15-16:30PeeringDB Update + Japanese localization experienceArnold Nipper (PeeringDb) and Masataka Mawatari (JPIX)
16:30-16:40Recommended router configuration for connecting to an Internet ExchangeMasataka Mawatari (JPIX)
16:40-17:00Peering Asia 2.0 ClosingToyama Katsuyasu (APIX)